Get Treatment from an Experienced Infertility Specialist in Provo, UT

For some couples, one of the hardest challenges they face is infertility. However, these days, many advances and treatments have made it possible for otherwise infertile couples to have their wanted baby. With Dr. Broadbent, your solution to infertility can be possible.

All treatments are available through medication and blood testing, including ovulation tracking. Don’t have the inconvenience of going to a different lab or doctor for your blood work—all blood tests and labs are done in-office. This helps Dr. Broadbent and you get the results faster.

Before undergoing infertility treatments, each couple must commit to a year of trying to become pregnant. This ensures that couples can undergo various treatments throughout the year if predecessors fail.

For all couples seeking infertility treatments through Dr. Broadbent, no invasive fertility treatments are offered. However, Dr. Broadbent is closely aligned with the Utah Fertility Center in Pleasant Grove, which offers more invasive fertility treatments. Dr. Broadbent can refer them to this clinic if invasive treatments are necessary.

Having a baby is possible. Through careful examination, family history knowledge, and appropriate treatment, a couple that previously struggled to have a baby can achieve what they want. Contact your infertility specialist at (801) 373-4649.


  • “You all have been super wonderful! I have enjoyed coming here and have felt well taken care of. Thanks for making my pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend people to come here. Thank you for everything.” — R.H.

  • “I have enjoyed coming to your office. I have always felt very welcomed and taken care of. All around it was a wonderful experience throughout my pregnancy.” — K.C.
  • “It was a very nice experience with the doctor and the office staff. The staff was always very friendly and very helpful with my pregnancy.” — F.C.
  • “The staff and Dr. Broadbent were always so great to be available to answer any questions I had and to be willing to help at any time. They put the patient and their needs first. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.” — M.C.
  • “The staff here is so nice and friendly. I always felt welcome and felt like they cared about my health. I had a high-risk pregnancy, and my questions and concerns were always addressed. I am grateful for the level of experience that the doctor has.” —K.M.