Get Help from a Qualified Gynecologist in Provo, UT

When you turn to David H. Broadbent, M.D., for your gynecology needs, you turn to the best. Rest assured that your comfort and safety are topmost priorities at this practice. Learn more about the gynecologic procedures we perform. Our expert gynecologist is here to make sure that your health and comfort are taken care of.

Gynecology Procedures & Surgeries

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery — We practice minimally invasive surgery for many of our gynecologic procedures. This often involves robotic technology and ensures that your surgery is as non-invasive to your body as possible.
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Hysterectomy — A hysterectomy, which is when the uterus is removed, can be performed as painlessly as possible with an advanced laparoscopic hysterectomy. Advanced laparoscopic hysterectomy largely prevents scarring, tissue damage, and loss of blood.
  • Hysteroscopy — This is where a thin tube with a camera attached is used to look inside the uterus. It is performed when issues are detected or suspected of going on in the uterine system.
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapsed Repair — When a pelvic organ has collapsed, you might have the following symptoms: hard to pass bowel movements, a painful feeling in the pelvis, among others. If your symptoms are severe and non-surgical treatments haven’t worked, surgery is often necessary. We perform repairs to your pelvic organ that will help.
  • Incontinence Surgery — Urinary incontinence can come from a variety of factors, and there are various methods to help, including bladder sling. Diagnoses of what your incontinence stems from can help determine which surgery is best for you.

In-Office Procedures

  • Colposcopy — If your PAP test comes back with irregular results, a colposcopy can be performed to determine cancer or cervical diseases. An instrument called a colposcope is used to examine your cervix and nearby areas.
  • LEEP — If cancer is detected in the tissue of your cervix, then a procedure known as a loop electrosurgical excision procedure can be performed. This is where a thin wire curled in a loop is used surgically to remove the diseased tissue with an electric current.
  • Endometrial Biopsy — If you are suspected of having endometrial cancer, an endometrial biopsy, or taking of a sample of the diseased tissue, will be performed to determine whether you have cancer or not.

Other Gynecology Services Offered

  • Well-Woman Examinations — A Pap smear, breast examination, and pelvic examination can be given to look for signs of cancer and disease.
  • Pre-Marital Exams & Counseling — Before a couple is married, a woman can come in to be examined for disease and other conditions that could prevent childbearing.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy — This is done for women who might be lacking otherwise natural hormones, such as when a woman is going through menopause.

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  • “You all have been super wonderful! I have enjoyed coming here and have felt well taken care of. Thanks for making my pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend people to come here. Thank you for everything.” — R.H.

  • “I have enjoyed coming to your office. I have always felt very welcomed and taken care of. All around it was a wonderful experience throughout my pregnancy.” — K.C.
  • “It was a very nice experience with the doctor and the office staff. The staff was always very friendly and very helpful with my pregnancy.” — F.C.
  • “The staff and Dr. Broadbent were always so great to be available to answer any questions I had and to be willing to help at any time. They put the patient and their needs first. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.” — M.C.
  • “The staff here is so nice and friendly. I always felt welcome and felt like they cared about my health. I had a high-risk pregnancy, and my questions and concerns were always addressed. I am grateful for the level of experience that the doctor has.” —K.M.